Dr. Christopher Naranjo believes what affects the mouth, can affect the entire body. Using a modern and holistic approach, gum disease can be managed and improved.

Scientific research has consistently backed the philosophy of biological dentistry – that the mouth is intricately linked to the body in terms of health and wellness. Specifically, gum disease, or periodontal disease, does pose a risk to general health. This chronic infection in the soft tissues of the mouth not only causes immediate discomfort and bad breath, but also threatens the stability of teeth by affecting bone tissue in the jaw. Beyond the mouth, gum disease can lead to a chronic inflammatory state that increases the risk of many conditions, including diabetes and heart disease.

For many years, dentistry has offered a standard of care for gum disease that has changed very little. In our Austin biological dental practice, we take an approach to dentistry that helps us identify possible underlying causes for problems like gum disease. We then institute a comprehensive treatment plan to address existing infection in gum tissues while also supplying a level of care that minimizes the risk of future problems.

Traditionally, gum disease is treated with deep cleaning of teeth and roots. This generalized approach is effective for the removal of bacteria-harboring debris, but does very little to reduce future risk. In our practice, deep cleanings are gently performed using ultrasonic tools. These cleanings can be performed with or without the use of local anesthetic. We do not stop there. Gum disease is a serious, persistent problem that requires specific care in order to halt progression. Special attention is directed towards re-establishing the natural flora of microbes in the mouth to ensure improvement. We also carry products that have clean ingredients, prebiotics, and vitamins to return your mouth’s natural microbiome.

Ozone therapy can be used as an adjunct to periodontal therapy. Ozone is a natural element that is often misunderstood as a pollutant. This is likely because ozone binds to polluted particulates in the air so that they may not harm the environment. This substance is actually energized oxygen, oxygen with one extra molecule. In the body, ozone has incredible restorative effects, stimulating natural immune defense, promoting healing, and improving blood flow. Ozone is one of the few substances that can kill infectious microorganisms on contact. Because it is natural, chemical-free, and safe for surrounding tissues, ozone is ideal for the treatment of gum disease and other oral infections. We may use ozonated water during deep cleanings, and treat the gums with ozone gas. Ozone can also be applied (through an infusion process) in special, custom-fitted periodontal trays, which concentrate this powerful antimicrobial on gum tissues for the treatment of infection. Whether we are treating gum disease or another dental concern, the care we provide is tailored specifically to you so that we may achieve the most favorable outcome.We have helped hundreds of people avoid gum surgery with our biological periodontal treatments. Contact our office, Greenbelt Dental Health in Austin to schedule your visit.