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Despite a major misconception that ozone is a pollutant and harmful to humans, ozone is actually a naturally occurring transient form of oxygen that, when administered with proper equipment by well-trained practitioners, is very beneficial. Ozone has a long history of research and clinical application with humans.

Ozone was first discovered in 1840 by German chemist C.D. Schonbein. It was not until thirty years later that ozone was used in a medical application, to purify blood cells in test tubes in a project conducted by Dr. C. Lender. Ozone therapy is routinely used for numerous medical disorders including osteomyelitis, rheumatoid arthritis, cellulitis, acne, allergies, sinusitis, Parkinson’s Disease, hepatitis, AIDS, and oral infections.

Further benefits of ozone therapy were covered in a recent 2013 publication of the Journal of Implant and Advanced Clinical Dentistry. This published case study revealed the successful treatment of BRONJ, or osteonecrosis of the jawbone caused by bisphosphonate use, using ozone therapy alone. This is the first study to utilize ozone therapy as the sole treatment protocol.

Dr. Christopher Naranjo uses oxygen-ozone at his practice, Greenbelt Dental Health in Austin, Texas, and welcomes questions about how ozone therapy can help you. Through the use of medical grade ozone systems, pure and quality ozone can be delivered at a precise amount.

There are several ways in which ozone therapy is beneficial in dental care. It may be used in the form of an oral rinse before treatment to kill any harmful bacteria or viruses, or maybe as the primary treatment in specific scenarios. Ozone has been proven as an effective adjunct therapy for the treatment of cavities and gum disease, and has allowed root canal treatment to be more successful. Ozone may be applied as a liquid or a gas. Sometimes we use both forms, depending on the particular needs that must be addressed to promote oral health. With a long history of proven success, ozone gives our patients an excellent solution to combat oral disease in a minimally invasive way.