Are you unhappy with the alignment, shape, or color of your teeth? You may be a great candidate for porcelain veneers! We use the finest materials to create lovely smiles for our patients.

Veneers have been used in cosmetic dentistry for more than three decades. Original designs were fabricated from thin sheets of plastic, which were then attached to the front surface of teeth. As dentistry has evolved over the years, veneer treatment has improved significantly. Dr. Christopher Naranjo helps patients achieve their desired smile using high quality porcelain material from a boutique dental lab and a great deal of precision. Porcelain veneers are durable, lasting through years of proper use, and lead to the most natural results, which is one of our primary goals.

We understand that choosing to enhance your smile with veneers takes consideration because treatment is permanent. The outcome is the result of incredible skill and careful planning on the part of your dentist. Without this, your smile may look manufactured or out of sync with the intricate details of your complexion and facial structure. We believe in creating naturally beautiful smiles. Dr. Naranjo takes the time necessary to design veneers to the precise color, shape, and size that will lead to the most harmonious relationship between the smile and the face.

Veneers can transform your smile within just a short time. Dr. Naranjo begins working with each patient by conducting a comprehensive consultation in which patient and doctor can get to know one another. Our practice is based on quality, not quantity, and our patients receive truly individualized care. Moving forward with dental veneers, you will be able to collaborate with Dr. Naranjo by discussing your concerns and desires for your smile. All aspects of treatment are explained so that you can make a confident decision on treatment that is best for your needs.

Achieving smile goals with porcelain veneers takes only a few appointments, during which we will take impressions, develop models of the teeth to be treated, design veneers with feedback from the patient, and make the necessary preparations to teeth. Veneers are carved of strong, beautiful porcelain by master ceramists, and returned to our office where they are evaluated, perfected, and bonded to teeth. Our team has the necessary experience to help you enjoy your healthiest, most attractive smile. Contact Greenbelt Dental Health in Austin at (512) 472-3565 for your consultation with Dr. Christopher Naranjo.