Dr. Christopher Naranjo believes that the most beautiful smiles are also the most natural looking. We do not want your smile to look like it has been manufactured.

Cosmetic Dentistry procedures create beautiful, pleasing results. White composite restorations, all-ceramic crowns, beautifully crafted porcelain veneers, and zirconium implants, are examples of cosmetic treatments we offer in our practice. Our focus is always to enhance smiles to their most beautiful state. Your smile may be improved in a number of ways. Often, a minor alteration (such as recontouring a chipped tooth or a bonding correction) can make a world of difference. We love seeing how the cosmetic services we perform can dramatically improve a patient’s level of self-confidence!

In many practices, cosmetic dental treatments tend to transform the smile to such an extent that it looks manufactured. Dr. Naranjo is very particular about the manner in which he performs cosmetic procedures. Although we offer a variety of services, the underlying goal remains the same: to produce results that look truly natural. A beautiful smile does not have to include “block-white” (Chiclet) teeth. An excellent result happens when the dentistry lives in harmony with the rest of the face, as well as the patient’s unique complexion.

Whether we are brightening a smile or correcting an imperfection, we want the result to look completely natural. Success to us is when our patients receive compliments from their friends and loved ones on how they look, without being able to only notice new teeth. “Wow! You have a gorgeous smile!” is success. We would prefer not to hear, “Hey, you got your teeth done!”

Cosmetic Restorations (Fillings)

Dr. Naranjo is an Austin dentist with considerable experience in cosmetic smile enhancement. One of the most frequently used aesthetic services is cosmetic restorations. Since we are a mercury-free dental office, we do not place amalgam fillings. Instead, cavities are repaired with tooth-colored composite resin restorations, which are far more attractive and much safer for you and the environment. The composite materials we use are BPA-free and safe for use.

Composites, as well as porcelain, may also be used to fabricate tooth-colored restorations such as inlays, onlays, and crowns. Some patients may also wish to have their molars restored with materials incorporating gold. When restoring teeth with gold restorations, Dr. Naranjo utilizes the highest gold content material available (it is important to note that all gold alloys contain other metals), and has had wonderful, long lasting results from this treatment.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is offered as a smile enhancement similar to veneers. In fact, dental bonding can often be used in direct veneer treatment. This is accomplished by placing the correct shade composite material directly on the tooth or teeth. The composite is then shaped into the ideal shape to reflect light just like natural enamel, and is then polished. If you are a good candidate, this a great alternative to veneers by mimicking the appearance of natural teeth.

Conventional porcelain veneers, on the other hand, are laboratory-fabricated restorations that are designed and created by our hand picked, highly skilled ceramists. Although the laboratory veneers are superior to the in-office ones, not every person is best served with laboratory-fabricated porcelain veneers. When dental bonding is the preferred treatment, Dr. Naranjo uses an artistic eye and a great deal of technical skill to create the most natural-looking tooth structure. 

Teeth Whitening

Today, there are more choices for teeth whitening than is necessary. In our office, patients benefit greatly from the original (research supported) teeth whitening process first used years ago. Tray whitening, where patients wear custom-fitted mouth trays containing a carbamide peroxide solution, can begin in our office with the professional, supervised application of a safe, low-percentage whitening gel. Patients are then supplied with custom-fitted whitening trays and gel solution to use at home to achieve their individual desired result. There is no need to undergo expensive laser whitening or light-activated treatments to remove years of stains for a brighter smile. Research has shown that the fancy lights other offices use in their whitening processes serve as nothing more than a sales tool. We can help you uncover your pearly whites in a safe, effective, and proven way.

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on how you feel about your smile. Contact Greenbelt Dental Health in Austin at (512) 472-3565 and see how personalized cosmetic enhancing services can improve your smile.